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Product details
Product model: KN-C75TW
Unique appearance patent, ultra-thin tablet, computer OPS design. Profile drawing technology, anti-collision treatment of curved corners.
Screen specifications: 75-inch LED
Liquid crystal screen: brand new imported LED (A regulation)
Touch screen: True 10-point infrared touch screen
Screen ratio: 16:9
LCD parameters
Contrast: 5000:1
Response time: 8ms
Resolution: 1920×1080/120Hz
Display color: 30bit true color (1.07 billion colors)
Display brightness: 450cd/m2
Backlight life: 60000h
Viewing angle: >178°
Touch screen parameters: front disassembled touch screen, infrared touch screen can be disassembled separately without disassembling the whole machine, which is convenient for maintenance.
Resolution: 4096х4096
Anti-light: fluorescent lamp is available under direct light
Response speed: 138HZ
Touch response time: first point (click): 25 ms continuous (writing): 5 ms
Working current: DC 4.6V ~ DC 5V
Power: less than 1W, working under USB-5V voltage, current less than 200mA
Linear error: <1.5mm
Minimum touch object diameter: typical accuracy is less than 1mm
Input method: Activate with finger, pointer, gloved hand or opaque touch sensitive medium
Anti-riot: Use tempered glass to provide anti-riot and anti-riot, no abrasion, high transparent tempered glass 750g steel ball falls 1m height, the sample is not broken
Transmittance: >98%, up to 100% (without glass)
Working voltage: +5V DC allowable range +4.75V~+5.25V
Power supply: USB
Interface mode: USB2.0 full speed (slave)
Applicable operating system: Windows7\Vista\XP\2003\2000\98\CE\Linux
Drift: no drift, no changes with the environment
Service life: more than 8 years
Touches: unlimited
Product return rate: three thousandths
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