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  • KN-c65tw

    Unique appearance patent, ultra-thin tablet, computer OPS design. Oxidation process, anti-collision treatment of curved corners. Install silicone anti-collision corners on the four corners.

Product details
Product model: KN-C65TW, unique appearance patent, ultra-thin tablet, computer OPS design. Oxidation process, anti-collision treatment of curved corners. Install silicone anti-collision corners on the four corners.
Screen specifications: 65 inch LED
Liquid crystal screen: brand new LED (A regulation)
Touch screen: True 10-point infrared touch screen
Screen ratio 16: 9
LCD screen parameters:
Contrast: 5000: 1
Response time: 8ms
Resolution: 1920 × 1080 / 120Hz
Display color: 30bit true color (1.07 billion colors)
Display brightness: 450cd / m2
Backlight life: 60000h
Viewing angle:> 178 °
Interface: One touch external interface, one multimedia USB interface, one VGA interface, one 3-in-1 video interface, and one digital TV closed circuit interface
Menu adjustment: slide up the touch gesture on the bottom edge of the displayed page to bring up the display menu, adjust the volume, signal source, etc.
Overall size: 1481mm * 869mm * 94mm
Touch screen parameters: front split touch screen
The infrared touch screen can be disassembled separately without disassembling the whole machine, which is convenient for maintenance.
Resolution: 4096х4096
Anti-light: Fluorescent lamp is available under direct light
Response speed: 138HZ
Touch response time: first point (click): 25ms continuous (writing): 5 ms
Working current: DC 4.6V ~ DC 5V
Power: less than 1W, working under USB-5V voltage, current less than 200mA
Linear error: <1.5mm
Minimum touch object diameter: typical accuracy is less than 1mm
Input method: Activate with finger, pointer, gloved hand or opaque touch-sensitive medium
Anti-riot: Use tempered glass to provide anti-riot and anti-riot, no abrasion, high transparent tempered glass 750g steel ball falls 1m height, the sample is not broken
Transmittance:> 98%, up to 100% (without glass)
Whiteboard software parameters: writing board surface: whiteboard, blackboard, green board, PC desktop, custom background, transparent page, any color board surface and other writing board surfaces can be provided, writing is borderless, you can write unlimitedly, provide movement, zoom in, zoom out .
PPT application: seamlessly combined with PPT software to achieve single-finger writing and multi-finger gesture recognition during PPT playback,
You can use gestures to turn pages, exit, write and other functions ★ Magic wipe function.
Office label embedding: the content marked by pencil can be embedded in Word and Excel.
Auxiliary tools: Provide handwriting recognition, local magnifying glass, video recording, searchlight, screen, ruler, triangle ruler, protractor, compass, function generator and other tools. User-defined external applications can be called directly.
★ Directly call external camera video. It is perfectly combined with digital projectors and video booths with standard camera interfaces. ★ Reading function (Chinese and English).
Insert objects: text, video, FLASH, OFFICE, pictures, scratch zone
Pen function: Provide a variety of pen types such as hard pen, row pen, highlighter pen, texture pen, brush pen, object pen, smart pen, etc., and can provide a variety of line style, line end, thickness, color, contrast and other attribute settings, including texture Pen and object pen can add objects by themselves.
Pen wipe function: Object wipe, bitmap wipe, scratch scratch.
Graphic drawing: draw straight lines, rectangles, ellipses, circles, triangles, straight triangles, pentagons, pentagons, hexagons, rhombuses, arrows, double arrows, corners, cubes, cylinders, cones, arcs, sectors And other graphic tools. Graphical tools make it easy for users to quickly create standard graphics. The drawn graphics can be moved, combined, rotated, copied and other operations.
Offline lesson preparation: The software can be used offline to facilitate teaching lesson preparation.
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