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Shenzhen Canio Technology Co., Ltd


A high-tech enterprise specializing in R & D, production, and sales of interactive products, headquartered in Shenzhen, the center of science and technology, the company focuses on the field of human-computer interaction products, engaged in the research and development and manufacturing of human-computer interaction products, to become The best human-machine interactive equipment supplier aims to provide users with the most practical product interactive experience.
The company's current products mainly include: touch screen, touch teaching machine, touch display, Android touch machine, conference touch machine, touch query machine, touch advertising machine. Since its establishment, Kanio has established the development of touch display The strategy of continuous improvement of products to enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises. The company focuses on the development, production and application of touch interactive products. Products have passed various certifications of relevant national departments. The company's products are exported overseas, and its business extends to more than 30 countries and regions such as France, Germany, and India, and has achieved good results and good reputation in foreign markets.

Enterprise vision
Become a global consumer electronics brand.
Enterprise mission
Focus on the internal needs of users and continue to provide fashionable and high-quality consumer electronic products.
brand positioning
Personal fashion digital expert.
Enterprise values
Professional: well trained, pursuit of excellence.
Accountability: everyone must be responsible for the job responsibilities, not allowed to play ball, must take personal responsibility.
Passion: passion can build a win-win culture in the enterprise, which can make individuals stronger and achieve self transcendence.
Team: in order to achieve the success of the company and individual in the fierce market competition and reflect the personal value, we must unite and cooperate, and each post must work together for the interests of customers.

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