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New wave of educational all in one machine in educational equipment


The epidemic situation in 2020 will affect the opening of most schools, most schools can only choose the form of online education to carry out teaching activities, online education platform ushered in opportunities, while the offline education equipment market was once cold. With the gradual control of the epidemic situation in China, many schools have begun school in succession. It can be said that June ushered in a small school season, and the offline education market has gradually warmed up. As an educational interactive display equipment, the education all-in-one machine has once again become the focus of attention.
In the past, we focused on the conference machine on the market for enterprises during the epidemic. According to the relevant data, in 2019, the volume of Chinese mainland interactive tablet shipment was in the million level, and the proportion of education market reached 82%, and the Ministry of Education released the interactive whiteboard. In the two education industry standards, it is clearly stipulated that the classroom with more than 70 square meters (more than 50 people) should be equipped with a display device with a display size of at least 100 inches. It can be seen that the LED display screen with significant advantages in the field of large screen has considerable application prospects in the education market.
New wave of educational all in one machine in educational equipment
After the nineteen big period, the state actively promoted the development of "Internet plus education", accelerated the modernization of education and the building of a powerful country in education. Under this circumstance, we ushered in the new wave of the 2 era of educational informatization. With the continuous promotion of various intelligent teaching modes, the demand for various interactive electronic devices has been constantly improved. From the perspective of 2019, the sales of educational interactive tablet began to decline, but the development trend of whiteboard and blackboard products showed the trend of growth and decline respectively.
From the national funding for educational informatization and the use of educational informatization funds in Colleges and universities, it is obvious that there is a big competitive market for educational interactive equipment.
Opportunities and opportunities in the era of educational informatization 2.0
It is clear that the size of the electronic classroom should be more than 50 square meters, and the size of the electronic board should be more than 50 square meters.
On the display equipment of more than 100 inches, the traditional LCD splicing screen will have the problem of stitching, and the brightness and color attenuation between units are inconsistent in long-term use, which affects the appearance; Although the projector can realize large-scale viewing, it is greatly affected by the ambient light, and the visual experience is poor. Especially in the classroom larger than 70 square meters, students sitting in the corner position are not easy to see the contents of the screen, and when the ambient light is strong, the picture displayed by the projection will become relatively fuzzy. The Canio LED display has the advantages of wide color gamut, high brightness (600 + NIT) and large viewing angle (nearly 180 °), which can easily realize the viewing effect of 100 inches and above.
New scheme choice, higher visual enjoyment
With the continuous reduction of LED display cost, "both commercial and civil use" has become the general trend. According to the statistical data in 2018 (see the table below), the price per square meter of P1.5 small space splicing large screen has been equivalent to the high-end LCD splicing price and laser projection. Therefore, in the spring breeze of education informatization 2.0, LED large screen will also change the situation that projectors occupy the leading role in educational display equipment for a long time, and LED display equipment can also participate in the competition of conference education large screen market.
In view of the educational interaction whiteboard equipment in different use space, Canio proposed the corresponding solution. It can be said that as more and more schools begin to resume normal offline teaching, LED display will have a bright future in the education market, and Canio is also ready to provide downstream customers with the industry's leading products and services, occupying a place in the educational display equipment market.

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